“My Own Design”, the tourbillon watch customization project, was developed by Memorigin – the Hong Kong tourbillon watch brand. Start your journey! Merging the craftsmanship and your design together, records the time belonging to you.

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About Memorigin

Memorigin is the first Hong Kong brand specializing in tourbillons. Marvelous oriental sculpture merges with western top art of watchmaking to create tourbillon watches that have a strong Hong Kong cultural character by blending two different cultures. Memorigin uses its in-house movements and a strictly controlled production process so that craftsmanship and quality are monitored by international professionals. All Memorigin watches use high quality materials from different countries, and are assembled meticulously from small parts to a complete watch.

Memorigin tourbillon watches are designed by Hong Kong top designers and collectors with innovative concepts. Apart from the traditional, elegant style, it also adds various cultural elements into the design, leading the oriental art to the international stage. In addition, Memorigin has a unique word engraving technology: words can be engraved on the movement and preserved forever, so that the watch becomes unique and memorable.

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